Rotation #1: Check.

Rotation #1: Check.


seattle, round ?

Just a few, because this city is starting to feel like a vacation home.  How about you come to California now so we can be your tour guides?

Wayfarer’s Chapel, Palos Verdes.

Summer thus far.

Dear Baby Tsu,

Now that my college days are long gone (ha!) here is what has been happening as a result of my free time.

Andrew came to visit! We had one heck of a week gorging on Seattle’s tastiest foods, talking in baby voices about inappropriate things, and savoring every moment with our favorite future Doctor.

Shortly thereafter, Alyssa came up for a visit. We got real acquainted with hair dye, sibling-ness, and South Lake Union swims.

We then established a Monday night tradition with Jeff consisting of food, confessions, and dessert.

And now we are reestablishing ourselves as civilized beings who walk on concrete, bathe, and eat non-freeze-dried foods.

Since our return from the wild we have engrossed ourselves in grad school research (looks like our Seattle days may be up for the count), veganism, bike commuting (everywhere), and studying for the GRE. 

It is crazy to think that in 11 short months we may no longer be able to call this city home! But I have an inkling feeling our next home may be slightly more… blue sky-ed.

Dear Baby Tsu,

Since I’ve already bombarded you with 50+ photos of the Wonderland Trail on other social media outlets, here are a few favorites from the trip. We spent 5 days in Mount Rainier National park, backpacked 40 miles, and saw SO much. Here are some noteworthy moments since we still haven’t had a chance to fully update/recover.

Lake Garda, Italy.

Lake Como, Italy

Florence, Italy

Figline, Italy.